Child of Mercy Orphanage Centre is home to 23 children both boys and girls aged between 5 to 15 years. We try to offer a better life to orphans as well as neglected and abandoned children from poverty stricken families.

Aside from taking care of the children and providing them basic needs it is our greatest concern that they can go to school to become well educated.

Right now (2013) four of the children attend Nursery School, 17 Primary School and one girl the Secondary School. Furthermore there is one girl who goes to a Boarding School.

Kenya provides no school fees free of charge, so every child has to be sponsored by well-wishing people.

If you are interested to get detailed information about the children, please have a look below.

AbdulAbdul(* 2011)
AliAli(* 2009)
OchiOchi(* 2010)
SangaliSangali(* 2011)
LewisLewis(* 2011)
JohnJohn(* 2010)
BrendaBrenda(* 2008)
PatrickPatrick(* 2007)
AliceAlice(* 2009)
MneneMnene(* 2009)
JuniorJunior(* 2008)
KevinKevin(* 2006)
WilliamWilliam(* 2006)
BrianBrian(* 2006)
PatrickPatrick(* 2007)
HarrisonHarrison(* 2006)