Our future plans

Our everyday expenses that we need help with are food, medical care, staff wages, water / electricity and house maintenance.

Rice and beans

Our next big project is to complete the building of the Dining room which will be a roof, windows, tiled floor and then seating for the children.

Our dream for the future includes a new block for the older children to live in so that we can separate the ages. They currently sleep together from 5 - 13 years which is ok but soon the older children will be too big to be sleeping with small children so we need to separate 4 - 12 years and 13 years upwards. We have the space but not the money. This will also allow us to take in more children who live on the streets or are neglected.

We also want to build our own Nursery school classrooms so that the smaller ones can stay within the compound and also the future volunteers can get involved a lot more. We believe that if we employ our own teacher and run the school we can give the younger children a better standard of education.

We also run a sponsorship scheme which covers school fees at Primary School. Our desire is for all the children to go to boarding school where they will get a much better standard of education. The scheme covers school fees but we have to find the boarding fees and transport fees extra. From January we will have several children at Boarding School that we will need to find the extra costs for.

Tution at home

And then - one day in the future - we would like to have our own Matatu (minibus) to transport the children around Mombasa, take them on outings and collect Volunteers from the airport.

We always make sure that when a donation is made, it is used for whatever purpose the donor wanted it to be used for unless they specifically say that we can choose.

Kitchen without roof


If you would like to support us and make a contribution, we will be very happy and thankful. All donations are gratefully received and will make a big difference to our work.

Thank you so much!

Asante Sana