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Anyone who is interested in getting to know the Kenyan culture should consider spending time volunteering at an orphanage. Volunteers are warmly welcomed to Child of Mercy Orphanage Centre at any time all year round. You have the opportunity to become a part of the day-to-day routine and get to know what life is about for Kenyan people.

Where we are

Child of Mercy Orphanage Centre is situated close to Shelly Beach and a five minute walk from the Likoni slum area south of Mombasa across the Likoni Ferry. It is 10 minutes from Timbwani Nursery and Primary School and about half an hour to the large supermarket back across the ferry in Mombasa. The house is set within a half-acre walled plot with poultry area, veg plot and space to play games with the children. Home


Accommondation for volunteers

By staying in the same house with the children, volunteers are completely integrated in their lives. As a volunteer you will stay upstairs on the first floor, so you have your own area with separated rooms, shower, flush-toilet, lounge area with balcony and kitchenette with hob and fridge. All meals are provided but you can also self-cater upstairs if you like.

A day in a volunteer´s life

It is difficult to describe a typical day for a volunteers because everything depends on our own interests, your capabilities and your abilities. The most important role is to give the children love, attention and care.

Activities and duties

As a volunteer you could help us take care of the children during their free time, helping them with their homework and playing games with them. Your work may also include preparing food for the children, general cleaning and washing or even helping in the Primary and Nursery Schools.

We are very happy if you are willing to organize games and activities for the children, drawing and painting or reading to them. On Sundays you could also join them going to church or take them to the beach and go swimming.

If you are interested you may also create your own activities with the children. Any ideas are welcomed and you may have specific skills that you can offer.

Freetime activities

During your free time you also have the opportunity to go on safari for one to three nights with pickup at the house, to go on trips to explore Kenya, to meet local families and visit their homes as well as other local schools. If there are any particular activities that you would like to try, let us know and we will do our best to organize it for you.



Please contact us for current payment. childofmercycentre_2010@yahoo.com Phone +254 721788731 or +254 703137337

Hundred percent of charges made from you go towards the running costs of the orphanage to help with food, water, electricity, staff wages and general running costs. It also includes transport from and to Mombasa airport, accommodation and meals with children and staff. Typically this is rice, vegetables, ugali and occasionally chicken.

Volunteers Area

Volunteering - a lifetime experience

As a volunteer you will gain a lot from this experience. It is an exciting and unforgettable adventure where you can explore the culture of Kenya. Helping abandoned and neglected children and making a difference to their lives is incredibly rewarding and life changing in itself. Volunteering is a great vehicle for personal development making you more independent and self-aware, learning new skills and getting an increasing understanding of a different culture. It is a precious and worthwhile experience you will never forget.

If this interests you, you can also read the comments of former volunteers who described their stay at Child of Mercy Orphanage Centre.

Habari, we were staying at the Child of Mercy Orphanage for 3 months (June-August 2013). It is a really well organized orphanage with lovely accommodations for volunteers.

We enjoyed teaching the children at school or kindergarten, helping them with their homework or just being around with them. While their free time we took them to the beach, did some game competitions or arranged trips with them, for example Haller Park, football match, cinema etc...

During our 3 months stay we got really close to the children and took them to our hearts. Also “Mama” Jessica and the rest of the staff is so kind and made us feel at home. It was a wonderful time and a great experience to be part of such a BIG family with a different culture in a foreign country.

We didn’t only learn something about the Kenyan life “pole pole” and the culture, we also had the opportunity to explore and fell in love with the beautiful Kenya. We already miss the children, Jessica and the rest of the staff and are looking forward to see them again very soon. If you also want to make such great experiences, take your chance and be a volunteer at the COMOC.

Every day is worth it!

Ines (19) and Lena (24), Germany

Volunteers Lena and Ines

Volunteers Johanna and Yasemin

Several years of our lifetime passed by learning law of calculations, german literature of the 18th century, etc. So we decided to get away from uninspired theoretical schooling to continue with learning by experiencing, travelling and facing real life.

Freshly graduated from school and before starting our studies at university we left to stay two months in Kenya volunteering. Finally we arrived at the beautiful place “Child of Mercy”! We got to know COMOC as a lovely and caring home for children with friendly and open-hearted staff. Beginning from the first moment we were welcomed warmly and felt at home. Passing more and more time at COMOC our relationship with the children became closer and familiar. Moreover volunteering is the best way to get to know a country with its people. During our stay we became acquainted with the Kenyan culture and the locals while living an authentic everyday life. Aside from our days in the project we went on various journeys to explore Kenyas fascinating places and diversity. We didn’t only take the COMOC children to our hearts but also some of the other volunteers we spent a long time with, we formed a familiar friendship.

Concluding our two months in Africa it is to be said that this journey was an unforgettable lifetime experience that we recommend warmly to everyone. Over and above we noticed a positive personal change, felt like a part of COMOC and are going to miss Kenya and especially the lovely children.

Johanna (20) and Yasemin (19), Germany

Since I was a child I have been interested in other cultures. That is the reason why I love to travel all over the world. But then I felt I have to stay somewhere for longer than two to six weeks to become part of the day-to-day routine in order to get to know other cultures and ways of life.

So I heard about volunteering at orphanages in Kenya, especially of Child of Mercy in Likoni and decided to experience such an adventure. I was really excited when I got there because of never have been worked with children or not knowing any details about the accommodation or what a day looks like.

It only took me a few days to get to know everyone and the day-to-day routine, so that I could take a part of the people’s lives. Jessy as well as all the other workers at Comoc tried to make me feel at home and they are very friendly and open-hearted. I really enjoyed playing with the children and supporting them.

Life is so different in Africa but because of everybody being so kind and frank I indeed felt like being home. Comoc has such a special vibe that I will never forget. So it shaped out as the best experience in life and I can warmly recommended it to everyone who is interested in other cultures and wants to know what life is about for people in Kenya, especially for children in an orphanage centre.

Mara from Germany

Volunteer Mara

Volunteers Emmie and Emma

Working with the orphans was incredibly rewarding. As PE teachers we are used to interacting with children and seeing them develop and learn new skills. Teaching the orphans here how to swim took that to another level. It's an experience we will never forget. The smiles on their faces and their determination to succeed touched our hearts. We are keen to return but until then will do what we can to support from the UK. We would recommend COMOC as a hugely rewarding volunteering experience.

Emmie and Emma, UK